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    The J1 Visa Program
    American Work Experience
    Get world-class training, the perfect resume/CV builder, a salary, and the experience of a lifetime in the USA with the J1 visa program.

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High-School Students

Find A School

Finding the right primary, secondary, or high-school for your child amongst a myriad of options can be daunting, but our consultants are experienced in guiding you through the process. Based in both Asia and North America, we can work across a variety of countries.

By getting to know you and your child and your family's situation, we will help you make the most informed decisions about which schools to apply to in the USA and Canada. We will complete the applications on your behalf and prepare your child for any entrance exams. Once admissions have been offered, we will help you decide where your child will thrive.

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University Students

Find A University

Preparing for university is an exciting time and the options available to a young person are vast. Whether researching course choices, extra-curricular opportunities, or career pathways we will help you make informed decisions that will enable you to realize your goals and ambitions. We can help you choose and apply to universities anywhere in the world, but we specialize in universities in Canada and the USA.

Once you have decided on a course and university, we will help you submit an application that stands out to the admissions officers. We can prepare you for interviews and admissions tests, as well.

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Recent Graduates

Find A USA Internship

The J1 Visa offered by the United States State Department is a work-based exchange visitor program that allows qualified individuals to intern in the country for 2 years. A J1 internship offers a rare opportunity to get world-class training and experience - in both language and vocational skills, a CV enhancement, and a salary. The J1 Visa program is perfect for recent university graduates looking to go into management or engineering.

Our consultants will help you find an internship that will benefit your future career goals and ambitions as well as making the arrangements for a sponsor. Finally, we will submit an application on your behalf that will stand out to the admissions officers.

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