We're NextEducation

Leading education advisors for Vietnamese & international families.

We advise with Wisdom.

We believe knowledge is power. As a result of over 10 years of experience working closely with the education systems and immigration policies of both Canada and the United States, we maintain the most powerful knowledge-base how Vietnamese students can get the most out of an education in North America. This wisdom is our core expertise and our primary differentiator.

We operate with Polish.

We believe professionalism is the result of consistent quality, excellence, and sophistication. Everything we do, we persistently do it in an elegant, professional, and polished manner with distinguished form. Instead of acting impulsive or untrained, we take each step with deliberate planning, craftsmanship, and focus. And then we get the job done!

We consult with Integrity.

We believe there's no legacy as rich as honesty. We avoid telling our clients only what we think they want to hear. Instead, we're focused on telling our clients what they NEED to hear (and do). We see ourselves less as a company and more of a team of humans helping other humans, so being friendly, sincere, and straightforward comes very naturally to us.

Our Expertise

Mastery of study abroad

Our skills are specific and fine-tuned. We are specialists not generalists. We specialize in creating innovative and effective education plans that match the individual needs of our clients who want to maximize their overseas study experience and family opportunity. This includes expertise in everything from finding the right program, the right school, and the right country to securing school enrollment and obtaining the student visa.

  • Visa Documentation
  • Foreign Education Systems
  • Credentials Assessment
  • Immigration Policy

Meet Our Team

The People Behind NextEducation

We are a small, passionate, & powerful team of education & immigration consultants with over a decade of experience. We're talented people with heavy hearts, big ideas, and creative minds.

Geoff Klein

Managing Director
Mary Jane

Ngo Kim Ngan

Documentation Specialist
John Doe

Phan Nguyen Kieu Hanh

Documentation Specialist
Josh Clark

Quan Thi Kim Hong

Education Specialist

Our Process

How We Work

Because we treat each client as a partner, our solutions are born out of collaboration. We talk, we listen, we answer to your needs. We use simple, wise, and honest communication. We believe that transparency of our actions will allow for building trust which in turn is a key to a successful business relationship.

For most cases, our core consulting services are based on a simple 3 step process: 1) Discovery 2) Strategy 3) Execution.

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1. Discovery
Getting to know the student is at the heart of everything we do. We begin each new case with a careful examinination of the student's overall education objectives, requirements, & needs.
2. Strategy
From the student's discovery, we design & develop a bulletproof plan to exceed their goals. We consider the big picture, taking into account all variables that will effect the student's overall experience.
3. Execution
We put the strategy into action, and deliver the final product. We make the necessary contacts, produce the required paperwork, and prepare the student for a successfull overseas study experience.
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