Education Consulting

Navigating the best path

Professional Guidance & Support

Our education consultants are here to guide you through every element of your child’s educational journey. We will help you navigate the best path, allowing your child to thrive every step of the way. Our consultants can:

  Help you select the right schools or universities for your child.
  Assess their current levels and identify academic weaknesses.
  Conduct mock interviews for entrance.
  Help your child obtain neccessary visas.
  Advise on whether A levels, or the IB is the better choice for your child.

With experts in every level from secondary school to university, NextEducation's consultants will recognise your child as an individual, celebrate their strengths, nurture their passions, and help them flourish.

Plans & Roadmaps

Selecting the right school for your child is complex and can be confusing, yet it is one of the most important decisions that you and your family will ever make. After consultation with parents and the child, where appropriate, NextEducation can develop a flexible but comprehensive educational roadmap, planning your child’s educational career from primary school to university and beyond. We understand that every child is unique and therefore every roadmap is different and tailored to meet those individual needs.

Strategic planning is about ensuring that your child has options open to them and does not miss opportunities. It helps you to feel calm and confident that you are giving them the right level of support at the right moments.

How do I build my extra-curricular profile before my university applications in 2019?

At what stages should we assess my seven year old to prepare him for high school entrance?

My mock SATs are next term; how should I pace my revision?

What do I need to do to help my son get into Hotchkiss High School in 2020?

We have two months until the 10+ exams; how do we cover everything that’s needed?

Hourly Consultancy

We offer one-off consultations to address a particular issue or need. Families come to us with a range of queries. Recent consultations have addressed such questions as:

My daughter has exceeded expectations in her A levels. Should she re-apply to university?

Which college in Washington has the most international student body?

How do I maximize my son’s chances of getting into Wharton School?

Where are the best primary schools in Oklahoma City area?

IB or A level – which curriculum would bring out the best in my child?

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