Paid Internships in the USA
The J-1 Visa Program

Get world-class training to build your resume/CV, a salary, and
the experience of a lifetime in the USA with the J-1 visa.


Completing an internship program in the U.S. will expand your knowledge, adaptability, flexibility as well as interpersonal skills. The experience of living and working abroad provides you with distinctive advantages:

Exposure to a Multicultural Environment: Individuals who choose to work abroad experience diverse working cultures enjoy the opportunity of being exposed to a cosmopolitan multi-cultural environment which enhances their knowledge, awareness and self-confidence.

Enhanced People Skills: As we are away from home, we interact with people from various cultures, languages, ideas, beliefs, methods of working, life styles and personalities. You become a truly global citizen.

Improved Communication Skills: Socially interacting with people of numerous and varied backgrounds helps one understand accents, mannerisms and guest requirements. Good communication brings people of our planet closer together.

J1 Exchange Visitors improve a host of their professional skills:

  • Learn the latest industry innovations, technologies and methodologies.
  • Superior inter-cultural communication
  • Enhances Teamwork skills.
  • Increases proactive thinking.
  • Strategic thinking

Future Career Path Preparation: The J1 internship helps you prepare yourself for accelerated success in your chosen discipline thus enjoying a fast track career to the top.

Economic Benefit: Since the J1 internship also involves compensation during your Training Plan period, the opportunity to improve your financial standing exists as well. You will be able to meet your own expenses whilst experiencing best in class training from world class organizations. The opportunity to enjoy the cultural aspects of the USA is the icing on the cake!